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Gregg Vanourek is a high-impact leadership developer and award-winning author training, speaking, consulting, and coaching on leadership, entrepreneurship, and life and work design. He helps people lead themselves, lead others, and lead change. Gregg works with organizations, management teams, executives, managers, high-potentials, and people in transition. ​Gregg has been a senior executive in a market-leading startup (now with $1 billion in sales) and co-authored three books, including Triple Crown Leadership (a winner of the International Book Awards, and called "the best book on leadership since Good to Great") and LIFE Entrepreneurs (a clarion call for integrating our life and work with purpose and passion).

​Are we leading ourselves well? Leading others well? Leading positive change in our organization and community?

Business Consulting, Humorous & Motivational Speaker

Gregg Vanourek

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