Table Mountain Vision

Clarify. Focus. Thrive.

Table Mountain Vision provides the finest vision care experience in Golden, in relaxing, spa-like surroundings that give you clarity, allow you to focus, and to thrive, knowing you have taken important steps to ensure the health of your eyes:

  • Personalized, state of the art eye exams
  • Warm, professional staff
  • Occupational eye wear
  • Fashion-forward eyeglasses, contact lenses and accessories
  • Beautiful, high end retail space

Taking care of your eyes is an investment in your health.

That is why we encourage you to compare our personalized service to any eye clinic or glasses supplier in the Denver Metro area. We are confident that when you compare our personalized service, state of the art facility and high quality frames and lenses, you will choose to invest in your eyes, rather than waste money on lower-quality merchandise and unsatisfactory service

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Eye Care, Optometrist

Liz Peterson

1409 Washington Ave.
Golden, CO

Phone: 303-271-1400
Fax: 303-271-9314