Aligned Health Chiropractic LLC

Aligned Health Chiropractic provides customized chiropractic treatment for you, your family and your small business. We preform a full exam, consultation, and x-rays prior to starting care, ensuring that you are receiving the treatment optimized for you. Our services are available as an employee benefit for small businesses and include mobile services with treatment provided at the office. Better yet, this may even be a 100% tax deductible expense. Let's create a happy, healthy work force together!

Our services include: Chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, IASTM, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic stretches, x-rays on site, physical exams, general health and wellness advise, ergonomic awareness and more.

Chiropractor, Health & Wellness

Dr. Lauren Sullivan

305 S. Kipling St. #C2
Lakewood, CO

Phone: 720-421-8792
Fax: 303-648-5611

Appointments are available Monday-Saturday.

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*Small businesses may schedule a block of time at the office, helping the employees to maximize their benefits.