Tish Gance, Designing Amazing Small Business Experiences

Hi, I'm Tish. I fix things that suck. That's a pretty broad topic, so let me elaborate...I put myself in the shoes of your customers to find out where they have difficulty interacting with your business, therefore costing you sales. 

Some things that might prevent your customers from a valuable experience:

• Your website is outdated, or (GASP!) not mobile ready
• You think you should set up a website because “that’s what you are supposed to do”
• You’re struggling to identify who your customers are
• You have some customers, but are stuck trying to find more
• You’re not marketing at all because you don't know where to start

By mapping your customer’s purchase journey from start to finish, we uncover where you delight and disappoint clients. Then we craft authentic, common sense solutions to both increase your engagement with clients and your sales.

Sometimes solutions can involve designing or revamping a website, setting up a social media marketing calendar, or even just changing the way you answer the phone. In mny cases, it's just discovering where your strengths are and leveraging those wins to be even bigger wins.

In simple terms, I streamline your customer outreach and marketing efforts, saving you stress, confusion, and wasted resources on gimmicks and fads. 

Customers will be more than satisfied - they will be delighted, eager to purchase, and more likely to give you referrals. 

You may wonder how you can fit experience design into your budget... With shoppers overwhelmed with mediocre options in the marketplace, can you afford NOT to give them the best experience?

Connect with me today and let's make relationships easy for you and your customers!



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Tish Gance

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