Quarantine 15 Challenge

Are you feeling yucky?

And want to Lose the Quarantine 15?
Have you gained 15 pounds or more? (Sometimes referred to as the quarantine-15) and you feel…well…yucky. Do you find yourself doing laps back and forth to the refrigerator and can’t help yourself? Is all the food you stocked up on for 4 weeks gone in 3 days? Then what you’re about to read is what you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why…

I’ve put together a 28-day Quarantine 15 challenge just for you. I won’t make any quick-fix promises here. I want you to fit into those cute summer shorts and skirts before the actual 1st day of summer.

**The Q-15 includes**

  • 28 days of support and accountability around food,
    movement, mindfulness, and sleep.
  • Metabolism reset food lists and recipes.
  • Optional supplement packages to support and enhance
    your progress to support your gut and your brain.
  • Recorded calls to refer back to.
  • A mental wellness assessment to see how stress and
    anxiety are affecting your health.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support.
  • Free quick-start guide.


  • Say good-bye to carb cravings
  • Get energy that lasts all-day
  • A healthy metabolism
  • A regular and healthy digestive system
  • No-more brain fog
  • Fewer emotional ups and down

**Who is the Quarantine 15 Challenge for?**

  • Anyone looking to get back to better-eating patterns and
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight safely and establish
    new lifestyle habits.
  • Anyone looking for a whole-health tune-up from your
    brain to your toes.

The challenge starts Wednesday, May 20th, on Zoom at 6:30 pm. Just show up. I will send you the link the day before the class starts.

If you’re ready to release the dreaded quarantine 15 enroll today. I normally charge $250 or more for similar programs. Because you’re reading this today, the investment to you is only $97.

**There’s more… Strongly Recommended*****
Fundamental Pack https://www.amare.com/14921/en-us/shop-all… , purchase by Thursday at Noon, the price of the challenge drops to $47. Includes 3 free products.

***Wait! There’s even more… Highly Encouraged****
Project b3 pack https://www.amare.com/14921/en-us/Projectb3, purchase by Thursday at noon, you get to be part of the Q15 for FREE. Includes 4 FREE products.

May 20, 6:20 pm – June 17, 7:30pm
Cost: $99
Location: On your own computer
Address: On your own computer
Member: Natural Body Wisdom
Contact: 303-358-2045