How to market as an Entrepreneur

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As employees, we’re taught to follow the crowd, play it safe and mimic those who are successful. But as an Entrepreneur, the rules have all changed. You don’t have the budget to market like the Big Boys, you don’t have the time to test what everyone else is doing, and you need a strategy and results FAST.

Success comes from standing out, not fitting in. So how do you find the right path for YOU, without following the herd?

Come to our FREE workshop, and learn:
• How to market yourself as an Entrepreneur
• How to make the connections you have with your clients WORK

Marketing doesn’t have to be painful, scary, and fruitless. Join us and learn ways you can leverage your strengths to get results.

Date: Thursday, May 30, 2:30-4:00 pm
Cost: FREE
Location: The Creative Farm
Address: 4900 West 29th Avenue, Denver
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